The original factory sealed iPhone sold for $55,000 at auction

A first-generation iPhone sold inside its box for $54,904 at auction, which is $54,000 more than the device’s original price of $599 when it was released in 2007.

original iphone auction
The original iPhone‌ has been put up for sale in an RR auction on behalf of a former Apple employee who bought it back when it first came out. Back in February, an original and sealed iPhone‌ sold for more than $63,000, which is already a record for sales of the first generation iPhone‌.

Original Unlocked Apple iPhone 1st generation, Model A1203, order MA712LL/A (8GB). The box contains a life-size image of an iPhone with twelve icons on the screen, indicating that it is from an older production (2007); The thirteenth icon for iTunes came out later in the year. In brand new condition, factory sealed. Accompanied by an AT&T bag and flyer regarding rate plans and iPhone activation. The sender indicates that he purchased this phone when it was released in 2007, but also received one by working as an Apple employee; So this reserve is not opened.

Other original, unlocked iPhones sold for $35,000 and $39,000 in 2022, so prices have been trending higher.

The RR auction also sold an “undiscovered” Apple-1 computer for an unspecified amount, and other Apple devices and memorabilia fetched high prices as well. Del Yocam’s Macintosh Plus sold for $26,590, while a prototype Macintosh 128K sold for $16,500, and an Apple Lisa sold for $81,251.

An iPhone 11 signed by Apple CEO Tim Cook sold for approximately $4,000, technical instructions explained by Steve Jobs for $12,500, and a Steve Jobs business card sold for $6,188.

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