The old Hogwarts cats may not be what they seem

newspaper in Hogwarts Legacy It is suggested that some of the cats in the game could actually be humans who used magic to transform into cats. Hogwarts Legacy It features a variety of animals for players to interact with, including some notable magical beasts.

Hogwarts Legacy Magical beasts can be rescued from hunters and taken to neighborhoods where players can clean and feed them, and collect resources that can then be used to upgrade their equipment. Hogwarts Legacy Players can even breed magical creatures if they wish. Besides magical creatures, Hogwarts Legacy There are also natural animals to roam in its open world, with plenty of cats.

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However, there is some evidence to suggest that at least some of the cats in the game may actually be animagi in disguise. in Harry Potter lore, animatronic is a witch or wizard who can transform into an animal. Becoming an Animagus is very difficult and the Ministry of Magic keeps a record of everyone who has mastered the Force, so there aren’t many in the Wizarding World. However, some individuals learn how to be an animagus in secret, which is exactly what happened in our world Hogwarts Legacy. Newspaper players can read in Hogsmeade reveals that an unregistered Animagus has been arrested after pretending to be their neighbor’s cat for 15 years.

This, of course, opens the door to the possibility of some cats getting in Hogwarts Legacy She is animagi, though that possibility is always there with or without this newspaper clipping. Hogwarts Legacy It encourages players to pet the cats in the game, so the thought that some of them might secretly be animagi is a little scary. While the player character in Hogwarts Legacy You can’t become an animagus, there are other animagi in the game.

Hogwarts Legacy Players have a complex relationship with the cats in the game. Many players have complained about the scene that plays whenever they go to pet a cat Hogwarts Legacy, while others cast spells on cats and send them across the world map. Developers caught wind of the way that some Hogwarts Legacy Players interact with the game’s cats, and they actually create a magical shield that reflects the player’s spells. This magic barrier has not been implemented in the actual game and most likely never will be, but perhaps it can be used to potential Hogwarts Legacy sequel.

Hogwarts Legacy Available now for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X, with PS4 and Xbox One releases coming May 5th and the Switch port July 25th.

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