The Lego Tesla Supercharger Station kit needs your support

It could actually become the official Lego set with enough votes.

Lego Ideas Tesla Supercharger station set Lego Ideas Tesla Supercharger station set

Can you really say you’ve infiltrated pop culture if you don’t have your own Lego set? Although dozens, if not hundreds, of Lego sets have been offered over the years, Tesla was not alone. That could change thanks to an adult Lego fan (commonly referred to as AFOLs) who submitted an amazing Tesla Supercharger station kit of his own creation to the Lego Ideas platform. The set includes three superchargers, four vehicles (a Model Y, a Cybertruck, and two Model Ss), two pickups, and a Tesla shop where vehicles are sold and serviced.

Lego Ideas is the way ordinary people turn their “own creations” (MOCs) into official sets. The platform allows anyone to upload an original group idea and have the community vote on it. Any combination of up to 10,000 votes will then be considered for production on the company’s popular Ideas Theme. Some popular past ideas combinations include Medieval Blacksmith (21325), Tree House (21318), and Globe (21332).

It is not easy for an idea submission to reach production even if it gets 10,000 votes. You will notice that the three examples above are generic objects that do not require a license to be developed and sold by Lego. These types of groups generally have an easier time going through all the Lego hoops. However, some sets that require a license are approved because Lego already has an established relationship with that company. Disney’s Steamboat Willie Set (21317), which is now discontinued, comes to mind. Unfortunately, Lego does not have an official relationship with Tesla at this time and has even rejected a Cybertruck collection that has reached 10,000 votes in the past.

The Supercharger Station Kit was created by Ideas user Airbricks95, whose real name is Aurelien French. According to his Ideas profile page, he lives in France and has been building Lego MOCs for 15 years. As you can see in his profile, he is fairly prolific and his work is generally very high quality.

His Tesla-themed group is the most popular though, having just passed Springfield Elementary School of The Simpsons which is recorded with 2,685 votes to 2,614. Yes, the French Tesla group still has a long way to go to reach 10,000 votes, but This kind of exposure should help. In order to vote, you must sign up for a Lego Ideas account. I already had one, so my vote is in.


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