The best weapons for mecha in Genshin Impact

Mika is a Cryo support with a unique fighting style in Genshin effect. He uses a pistol as his main weapon, but also uses a crossbow.

Rest assured: you will only need to provide him with a Polearm. Bows do not exist as weapons in the game, and they only appear in combat animations.

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Mecha features buffs that tier up to his maximum health points, and gives physical damage increases that favor full physical team combinations. These criteria are vital to determining the best build on mica. It also depends on what role you want him to take on your team between pure healer, buffer, or even main DPS.

In addition, the stats you want to improve with his equipment will change based on the towers you get. Constellation levels are unlocked when a replica of Mika is drawn in Event Wishes. If you reach C4, your mecha will get more energy recharge, so you won’t need it as often on weapons. If so, give priority to gaining a percentage of HP (for further recovery).

Here are the best Genshin Weapons on mecha, with those items in mind.

Best weapons for mecha Genshin effect

The weapon is one of the items in Mecha’s gear that will display the most aggressive stats. Generally, players will focus on the HP or healing in his artifacts, so most of his attack will definitely increase through his weapons.

Best 5 star polar for mica in Genshin effect

The best weapons in Genshin effect It is five star. However, most of them are quite challenging, since they are generally only available in banners where you have to want to get them. Here are the best five star weapons for Mika in Genshin effect.

Homa crew

You can choose this if you want to play Mika as a buffer rather than a pure healer because it gives critical damage as an additional stat, with HP being increased as a negative.

The Homa Staff can also be used if you’re willing to put in the effort to set up Mika as the main DPS on your team, thanks to the massive damage.

Weapons can only be obtained in special banners. It was replaced after Patch 3.4, so players will have to wait a long time before seeing it again.

Crimson Sands Crew

The Staff of the Scarlet Sands gives a decent crit rate as a bonus, so it’s very good for a mecha if you want to play him as a main DPS, or if you plan to keep him on the field and you’ve hit C4.

Skywards Spin

This is also a decent weapon for Mika to recharge the energy it gives. It also grants attack speed, which increases the same buff that mecha grants with his elemental skill. Switch this if you get to C4 with it.

Best 4 star polar boards for mica v Genshin effect

If you are a beginner or do not want to invest many resources in equipping mecha compared to other characters, four-star weapons can be a good compromise if you can hone them. Here are the best 4-star weapons for Cryo support.

Keep in mind that Deathmatch, a mod you can get when you buy a battle pass, works on Mika, as it does on every other Polearm user. It’s very good for him as a main DPS, or even a healer with a percent HP increase.

Favonius Lance

Favonius Lance is the preferred choice for support, in general, thanks to a passive that reduces the amount of energy needed to charge skills, as well as granting an impressive energy recharge. If you take this weapon, you will need to build up a small amount of Crit modifier to maximize its potential. You will need about 30 percent.

It can only be obtained through Wishes. Fortunately, it is shown in the banners of arms quite often. On March 21, he will return along with the launch of Shinhei and Kamisato Ayaka’s mecha banners. You will be able to get it via Epitome Invitation.

Star luminosity prototype

If you want to create a Mika as a buffer and need more power recharge, but don’t have a Homa Staff, you can use the Prototype Starglitter instead. It gives energy recharge as a base and is easy to make. To craft the Star Glitter form, you simply need the Northlander Polearm Billet, Crystal Chunks, and White Iron Chunks.

Free to play weapon for mecha

There are free-to-play weapons which are also very good on Mika. Since they are so easy to improve and upgrade, they may be better than four or five stars when you are still stuck at low levels with them.

black tassel

You can get this weapon whenever you want using the standard banner, or in random chests. It is very easy to obtain and improve. The weapon is not perfect due to its passive specialization (more damage to Slimes), but it gives a decent increase in HP in percent. This weapon can, in general, be used on support characters whose abilities range at maximum health.

white tassel

This is a viable option if you want to play Mika as a main DPS. Like the opposite tassel, it can be obtained through wishes and random chests as well. It is powerful due to its critical base modifier, and has increased physical damage, which matches Mecha’s general playstyle and synergy with other characters.


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