IDC Reports PC Monitor Shipments Decline in Q4 2022 to Record Low, Recovery Expected in 2024

Reports of stagnant shipments from manufacturers to retailers due to a lack of consumer buying have plagued almost every market, especially when building a PC from scratch or updating parts, such as monitors. Recently, the International Data Corporation, or IDC, has closely watched the PC monitor market and looked at the top five PC monitor manufacturers to examine Q4 market share for the unit, and released the information in a soft-to-swallow analysis of the PC monitor segment.

PC monitor shipments in the fourth quarter of 2022 decline to the lowest on record, IDC

IDC found that shipments of computer monitors gained 18.3% year-over-year in the fourth quarter of 2022. This showed a year-ago decline of about six percent for 2022. The unit amount surveyed was more than 30.5 million monitor displays, which is said to be the smallest decline. The company has been in this market since initial tracking, which began in 2008. The IDC shows that Dell Technologies and HP Inc. And Lenovo, TPV and Samsung saw a 16.2% decline in total shipments in the year-ago quarter.

This is not surprising to the company and the media as many manufacturers lost sales by the end of 2022, leading to 2023. The decline across the board was attributed to change in the market from work events in a remote environment during the pandemic. To be asked to return to the workplace. Companies affected by economic losses during those years found that it would be more expensive to create new technology to gather supplies and manufacture parts. We are in a recession again due to the regional blocs put in place by the US and China, which has led to another decline in sales as parts and units are not available or available at a high cost to consumers.

Monitors will remain an afterthought for many buyers in the short term. Average annual volume was around 125 million before COVID-19, then has increased to more than 135 million in each of the past three years. It will take some time for the dust to settle. Consumers and businesses are resetting their priorities, but we remain confident that much of our recently expanded installed base will be tempted to upgrade in the years to come.

– Jay Chou, IDC’s global customer tracker research director

IDC notes that we will see a “slight pickup” as early as next year, with inventory levels increasing during this time. You can check the official IDC website for more information on IDC’s quarterly global computer monitoring tracker or other data the analyst firm examines.

Source: TechPowerUp; IDC


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